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Drill Pipe

Distributors of Drill Pipe

As a leading distributor, we specialize in supplying superior drill pipe, ensuring unmatched durability and efficiency for drilling operations. Our commitment to quality and reliability supports the advancement of the energy sector through innovative drilling solutions.

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Contact us today to request a customized estimate for our high-quality drill pipe, tailored to meet your specific drilling needs.

New Drill Pipe For Sale

New Drill Pipe

Our new range of drill pipe incorporates advanced technology and robust construction, ensuring increased efficiency and reduced downtime in challenging drilling conditions. These pipe are engineered for peak performance, offering a marked enhancement in drilling operations. Discover the transformative impact of our innovative drill pipe on your drilling projects, combining exceptional design with unwavering reliability.

Used Drill Pipe For Sale

Used Drill Pipe

Our selection of used drill pipe offers a blend of reliability and cost-effectiveness, having undergone thorough refurbishment to meet high quality standards. These pipe provide a sustainable, economical solution without sacrificing operational efficiency or strength, suitable for a variety of drilling scenarios. Explore our inventory for budget-friendly, environmentally considerate drill pipe options that meet your project’s specific demands.

General oVerview of Drill pipe

Drill pipe are fundamental components in drilling operations. They are vital for transmitting drilling fluid and torque to the drill bit. 

Engineered for utmost durability and efficiency, drill pipe are a part of the drill string and play a pivotal role in various drilling scenarios, including oil and gas exploration. They are typically manufactured with high strength steel to withstand the corrosive and challenging conditions of drilling operations.

There are two main types of drill pipe, including standard drill pipe and heavy weight drill pipe. Heavy weight drill pipe feature thicker walls and more strength to counter high pressures.

About us

At Sophia Oilfield Supply Services, we are steadfast in our commitment to values that directly benefit you, our client. Our approach is anchored in transparent and honest communication, ensuring that every interaction with us is grounded in trust and clarity. Striving for excellence in every aspect, we set high standards in our services and continuously seek to exceed industry benchmarks to deliver exceptional results. At the heart of our operations are our dedicated personnel, whose safety and well-being are paramount, reflecting our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. Our focus on continuous improvement means we are always evolving, aiming to offer you the most advanced and efficient solutions. With a leadership team rich in experience, including John Wray, Jennifer Walker, and Salvatore Mangione, we are equipped to meet and surpass your expectations in quality, delivery, and pricing, ensuring that partnering with Sophia Oilfield Supply Services is synonymous with choosing excellence and reliability in the oilfield industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our catalog of new drill pipe for sale is growing and this list may not fully represent the new products available but here is a sample of what we keep in stock.  

New Drill Pipe

350 jts of 4-1/2” 16.60# S135 DS40 R2

500 jts of 5” 19.50# S135 Blank End R2

800 jts of 5” 19.50# S135 DS47 R2


50 jts of 4-1/2” HWDP Blank End

50 jts of 5” HWDP Blank End

50 jts of 5-1/2” HWDP Blank End


237 jts of 3-1/2” HWDP NC38

8 jts of 4-1/2” HWDP NC46

Our catalog of used drill pipe for sale is growing and this list may not fully represent the new products available but here is a sample of what we have in stock.  

Used Premium Drill Pipe

550 jts of 2-7/8” 10.40# S135 HTSLH90 R2

85 jts of 2-7/8” 10.40# S135 AOH R2

228 jts of 3-1/2” 13.30# S135 NC38 R2

342 jts of 4-1/2” 16.60# S135 CET43 R2*

551 jts of 4-1/2” 16.60# S135 NC46 R2

808 jts of 4-1/2” 16.60# S135 XT43 R2

437 jts of 5” 19.50# G105 NC50 R2

698 jts of 5” 19.50# S135 NC50 R2

963 jts of 5-1/2” 21.90# G105 XT54 R2**

329 jts of 5-1/2” 21.90# S135 XT54 R2**

532 jts of 5-7/8″ 28.70# Z140 XTM57 R2

256 jts of 6-5/8” 34.02# Z140 6-5/8FH EIS R3 (42.5’)

732 jts of 6-5/8″ 56.95#(0.938”) V150 6-5/8FH R2 Landing String


105 jts of 2-7/8” 15.80 SWDP 278SLH90

61 jts of 3-1/2” HWDP NC38

108 jts of 3-1/2” SWDP NC38

44 jts of 3-1/2” HWDP HT38

32 jts of 4-1/2” HWDP NC46

108 jts of 4-1/2” SWDP NC46

289 jts of 5” HWDP NC50

72 jts of 5” SWDP NC50

35 jts of 6-5/8” SWDP 658FH*


Our refurbishment process for used drill pipe for sale involves a comprehensive quality-testing regimen to ensure they meet rigorous industry standards, providing a dependable and economical option for our clients. Each pipe undergoes a meticulous inspection to identify any signs of wear or damage, followed by necessary repairs or modifications to restore its functionality. We employ advanced techniques and materials to reinforce the structural integrity of the pipe, guaranteeing their performance under demanding drilling conditions. This thorough approach ensures that our used drill pipe are not only affordable but also reliable, offering an excellent alternative to new equipment without compromising on quality or safety.

Certainly, our new drill pipe for sale are ready for immediate shipment or we can customize it to perfectly align with the specific requirements of your drilling projects. Understanding that each drilling operation has its unique challenges, we provide a tailored solution by allowing clients to specify the desired dimensions, material grades, and additional features such as tool joints and hardbanding. Our engineering team works closely with clients to assess their project needs and recommend the most suitable customizations, ensuring that the drill pipe deliver optimal performance and longevity. This bespoke service ensures that you receive drill pipe that not only meet but exceed your project specifications, enhancing efficiency and productivity on site.

Our drill pipe for sale in Texas is specifically engineered with advanced internal coatings designed to offer superior protection against the harsh environments encountered during drilling operations. These coatings are meticulously applied to guard against corrosion and wear, two of the most common challenges that can compromise the integrity and performance of drill pipe. By creating a robust barrier inside the pipe, we significantly extend their lifespan and enhance their durability, ensuring they can withstand the demanding conditions of drilling projects. This attention to protection not only maintains the quality and reliability of our drill pipe but also provides our clients in Texas with a valuable investment that promises longevity and sustained performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus lowering operational costs.

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