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Oilfield Supply Services

Experience. Innovation. Results.

Premier Distributor of new and used drill pipe, tubing and drilling equipment.

High Quality New and Used Drill Pipe Selection.

Heavy weight drill pipe

Robust Heavy Weight Drill Pipe for Tough Drilling.


High Quality Tubing for Reliable, Efficient Operations.

Spiral Weight Drill Pipe

Durable Spiral Weight Drill Pipe, Enhanced Performance.

New And Used Drill Collars For Unmatched Stability.

Drilling & WOrkover Rig Equipment

Drilling Rigs

Efficient & Innovative Rigs For Reliable, Precise Drilling. 

Workover Rigs

Durable & Versatile Workover Rigs For Enhanced Safety. 

Sub Structures

Durable Sub Structuress Setting The Foundation for Effective Drilling.


Ensured Stability and Safety in Oil Drilling Operations.

Top Drives

Optimize Rig Performance with Advanced Top Drive Systems.

Mud Pumps

Reliable Mud Pumps for Enhanced Drilling Performance.


Dependable Generators Powering Your Critical Operations Efficiently.

SCR Houses

Highly Advanced & Durable SCR Houses For Streamlined Drilling.  


Powerful Engines Designed For Robust Oilfield Performance.

Walking Systems

Advanced Walking Systems for Precision Rig Maneuvering.

Hydraulic Catwalks

Streamlining Handling with Our Hydraulic Cat Walks.

Traveling Equipment

New and used Overhead equipment crown to table .

SCR HOuses

Reliable SCR Houses for Reliable Drilling Operations.


Reliable Blocks for Safe and Efficient Rig Operations.

Power Swivels

Precision Power Swivels for Peak Rig Performance.


High-Quality Hooks for Safe and Efficient Lifting.


Precision Swivels Enhancing Rig Performance and Safety.

PRoduct Innovations

Infinite Reach DRill Pipe™

Patented Longer Lasting & Improved Stability Drill Pipe for Reliable Rig Performance.

Otto Offline Stand Building System

Next generation pipe handling system created to reduce nonproductive time and reduce the amount of “ hands on” personnel handling tubulars at the rig floor level.

High Pressure In-Line Mud Screen

Patent design screen system to reduce solid content in drill string and mud systems

Sophia Oilfield Supply Services is A distinguished provider of oilfield Products, equipment, and services. With over 30 years of experience, our team is able to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

our Services

Tubular Services

Expert Tubular Services for Optimal Drilling Efficiency.

Rig Services

Reliable Rig Services for Peak Performance and Safety.

Asset Services

Comprehensive Asset Evaluation And Disposal Services.

Asset Evaluation

Comprehensive Asset Evaluation for Strategic Business Insights.

Asset Disposal

Efficient Asset Disposal Services for Optimal Resource Management.

Drill Pipe Care & Handling

Expert Drill Pipe Care and Handling Solutions.

Failure Analysis

Failure Inspection Through Root Cause Analysis.

Third-Party Inspection

Objective 3rd Party Inspection for Quality Assurance.

Rig Surveys

Expert Rig Surveys for Safety and Performance Optimization.

Rig Inspections

Thorough Rig Inspections Ensuring Safety and Operational Excellence.

Client Testimonial

“ACTIVOS is differentiated from other industrial and oilfield consulting firms based on our ability to provide expert assessment and solutions from the Rig Floor all the way to the Board of Directors. Our principles and operating partners have held executive, financial and operations management roles in organizations sized from start-up to publicly traded entities.”

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