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About Us

These values are the cornerstones to the continued success of our business.

Just like a table cannot stand steady with one leg missing, our business requires that we live each of these values every day.


We are committed to fostering a culture of absolute honesty and continuous communication. Our focus is on building trust, ensuring safety, enhancing job efficiency, and collaboratively finding the best solutions for mutual success.


We aim to set and exceed high standards daily. By supporting each other in achieving these goals and consistently reviewing industry benchmarks, we aspire to surpass expectations in every endeavor.


Our priority is the safety and well-being of our personnel, both on and off the job. We are dedicated to creating a corporate environment that not only safeguards but also enriches the lives of our employees and their families.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in the power of introspection for organizational growth. By regularly assessing our performance and learning from past experiences, we strive to continuously evolve and pave the way for a brighter future.

Longevity & Sustainability

We see these as the foundation for developing enduring habits that contribute to a lasting and positive corporate culture. This encompasses stewardship and custodianship, extending to our employees, vendors, and clients.

Commitment to Quality

We consistently strive to meet and exceed customer expectations in quality and delivery. Our goal is to offer the best possible value, ensuring excellence in every product and service we provide.

These values represent our unwavering dedication to excellence, people, and sustainable growth, guiding us towards a prosperous future for our company and all its stakeholders.

Our Team

Sal Mangione, VP Sales

Sal has 20 years of experience in the oil and gas business, building oilfield equipment companies through product market development, personnel development, and process implementation. His career began with Oxy after receiving his B.S. in Chemical Engineering cum laude from the University of Houston. He transitioned to a product development and technical sales role at TMK-IPSCO before moving to Command Energy Services. While at Command, Mr. Mangione successfully expanded and launched the CET drill pipe connection line, developing a market across North America.

John Wray, VP Operations

John has thirty years of experience in the oil and gas drilling industry. Most recently John was Vice President of Drilling at Xtreme Drilling, guiding their successful acquisition and integration into Akita Drilling. While at Xtreme, John was the driver for the development of the 850 rig series, a best in class Tier 1 rig, developing several new technologies and patents during the process. Previously, John managed the rig operations for Xtreme Drilling, Saxon Energy Services, and Precision Drilling in the US, Canada, and Mexico. John manages all rig and rig equipment sales, refurbishment, and asset disposal operations for Sophia Oilfield Supply Services. He is based in Houston, Texas. 

Jennifer Walker, VP Business Operations

Jennifer has 20 years of experience in the oil and gas drilling tubulars business Her wide ranging expertise is integral to the success of Sophia Oilfield Supply Services. She began her career at SMFI International prior to their acquisition by VAM Drilling. She continued with VAM Drilling before moving to Command Energy Services, a drill pipe manufacturer. During her tenure with these companies she held roles with responsibilities for sales, scheduling, purchasing, accounting, HR, and payroll.

Ricardo Carvalho, Director of Operations - LATAM

Ricardo is a seasoned energy professional with a proven track record of leading successful negotiations and projects globally. In NOV, he managed complex rig equipment packages and service projects for various drilling contractors and shipyards worldwide. He also oversaw renewables new product development, equipment manufacturing, and supply chain. Prior to that, Ricardo served as a Rig Controller at Transocean, gaining valuable insights into drilling and oil field operations. He is multilingual, speaking fluent Portuguese and Spanish, and holds a Bachelor’s. and Master’s in business finance.

Soraya Carvalho, VP Sales - LATAM

Soraya has over 16 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, working directly with Drilling contractors and Operators (IOCs and NOCs), with a great knowledge of their operations, sales, supply chain and overall business processes. Her focus is on people, building strong customer relationships, and on delivering results for her clients. She holds a bachelors in Business and a masters in Leadership Development and Marketing, from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln (UNL). Soraya spent most of her career at NOV working in various roles such as , Corporate strategic planning; business development and global sales.  Soraya is an active member of IADC, where she helped to open IADC Latin America chapter and she served as Vice-Chair Associates from 2020-2023. She is Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish with strong negotiation skills, business acumen,  market knowledge and customer relationship in the USA and Latin America. Soraya manages Latin America Sales for Sophia Oilfield Supply Services. She is based in Houston, Texas. 

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