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Tubular Products

Tubular products

SOSSUSA is a leading provider of premium tubular products and other drilling equipment. We specialize in providing new and used drill pipe and other tubular components all engineered for optimal performance to meet the challenging demands of any drilling operation. 

Contact us today to learn more and receive a customized estimate for our tubular steel products and ensure maximum reliability and operational excellence on the oilfield. 

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Tubular Products for Sale

Explore our wide range of tubular products available, including:

New Drill Pipe For Sale

Drill Pipe

A critical part of the drilling process, SOSSUSA offers a complete line of drill pipe in standard API and proprietary connections and varying sizes and material grades. Each specification of this seamless pipe is crucial to suit specific drilling requirements, such as different well depths.

The drill pipe is designed with high-strength alloy steel (HSLA) to encounter high internal and external pressures and stresses. It features thick walls, and its function is to transmit drilling fluid and torque from the surface rig to the drill bit at the bottom of the wellbore. 

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

SOSSUSA has an extensive inventory of heavy-weight drill pipe available to provide extra support to the drill string. We also offer custom designs to meet your drilling requirements. 

Our high-strength pipe features robust construction with top-grade materials. Its thick walls and better buckling resistance reduce the risk of fatigue failure, particularly during horizontal drilling.


An essential component of drilling inserted into the steel casing pipe, our tubing is manufactured according to the API 5CT specifications to meet the highest industry standards. 

This seamless, stainless steel pipe is available in any required size and grade depending on the specific requirements of your drilling project, such as well depth, pressure, rates of production, and corrosiveness of the fluids. 

These steel tubing pipes feature threads at both ends which connect it to other tubular components in the wellbore

Drill Collars

SOSSUSA offers a complete variety of drill collars in all configurations to suit any drilling requirement, including slick and spiral-grooved collars. 

Engineered for peak performance, our high-strength, tubular steel pipe is made of AISI 4145H alloy bars to provide weight and stiffness on the bit to penetrate the rocks more effectively while providing directional control to prevent hole deviation. 

The spiral-grooved drill collar is specifically designed to help mitigate the risk of sticking by reducing the contact area between the drill collar and the wellbore wall, making it a preferred choice for challenging drilling applications.

Spiral Weight Drill Pipe

We proudly offer high-quality spiral-weight drill pipe as an additional choice for your unique drilling applications. By adding extra weight and stiffness to the drill string and reducing differential sticking during vertical and directional drilling, the spiral-weight drill pipe helps optimize your drilling efficiency while reducing NPT.

General Overview of Tubular Products

Tubular products refer to various types of oilfield pipe that make up a crucial part of the drill string. They are used in different phases of oil and gas drilling, particularly extraction and transportation. 

The drill pipe and drill collar are at the core of any drilling operation, allowing drilling of the wellbore to the desired depths to extract oil and gas. Production tubing is used in well completion and is integral to transporting the drilling fluids from the well to the surface. 

About us

Sophia Oilfield Supply Services has been your trusted provider of oilfield products, equipment, and services in the United States for more than three decades. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all we do, and we pride ourselves on transparent and honest communication to cultivate trust in our relationships with our valuable clients. We strive for excellence by continuously raising the bar and improving ourselves by learning from past experiences to provide you with the most advanced, high-quality products and services that exceed expectations. 

We are committed to prioritizing our dedicated worker’s safety and security on and off the job, ensuring that they feel valued and work with the highest satisfaction.. Our dynamic team consisting of Salvatore Mangione, John Wray, Jennifer Walker, and Salvatore Mangione possess vast skills and experience in the oil and gas industry. Accordingly, they have helped bring our company values to life and developed our reputation as a distributor of superior oilfield products and solutions in North America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drilling tubular products like drill pipe and drill collars are available in various material grades depending on the strength of the metal to suit specific drilling conditions. 

We offer tubular products in API grades, including E 75, X 95, G 105. and S 135. Grades X, G, and S are high-strength grades and offer superior tensile strength and yield strength, making them a preferred choice for deep well drilling as they can withstand extreme pressures and stresses.

Yes, offering customized tubular products and services is at the heart of what we do. Whether it is for drilling, completion, or production, the skilled engineers at SOSSUSA specialize in producing tailor-made products and solutions to match the unique requirements of your drilling project. 

That includes but is not limited to drill pipe with proprietary threads and steel grades, drill collars with specific configurations, and tubing solutions to suit specific wellbore specifications, like size and connection types. We also offer fabrication services to customize tubular products according to specific dimensions or configurations for optimal drilling performance.

From mitigating the risk of injury to personnel to reducing costly nonproductive time on the oilfield and enhancing efficiency, SOSSUSA recognizes the importance of providing the highest quality tubular products that can withstand the harsh drilling environment. 

Accordingly, our drilling tubular products undergo a series of rigorous inspection methods to check their integrity and quality and ensure that they align with the industry specifications and standards for safety and reliability.

These typically include nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques like visual inspection, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing, electromagnetic scanning, dimensional measurement, and more.

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