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Drill Collars For Sale

Drill Collars

SOSSUSA is a premier distributor of high-quality drill collars and other drilling equipment. We have built a solid reputation of providing drill collars designed per the highest industry standards to meet the rigorous demands of your drilling projects. 

Take your drilling operations to new heights by ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency on the oilfield. Contact us to learn more and receive a customized estimate today for our drill collars.

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General Overview

A drill collar is an integral component of the drill string. It refers to a tubular steel pipe with thick walls attached at the bottom part of a drill string and above the drill bit. This heavy pipe provides stiffness and weight on the drill bit, exerting sufficient downward force to cut through formations like rocks more efficiently. 

Drill collars are solid steel bars made of high-strength alloy steel to withstand the extreme pressures and stresses encountered on the oilfield. They are available in various lengths and diameters depending on the specific drilling requirements and feature threaded connections on both ends. 

A spiraled drill collar is more advantageous than a standard or slick drill collar as it has grooves machined on the surface that help improve the flow of drilling fluid around the collar. Spiral groove drill collars are well suited for directional drilling as it reduces the area of contact with the well wall, mitigating the chances of differential sticking by equalizing the pressure.

A non magnetic drill collar  is made of non-magnetic steel or alloys to prevent magnetic interface during drilling. 

A drill collar also differs from a heavy weight drill pipe. While both increase the weight on the bit, a heavy-weight drill pipe serves as a transition component between the standard drill pipe and drill collar to prevent stress and fatigue between the two and prevent failure.  

New Drill Collars

SOSSUSA offers its buyers a complete range of new drill collars manufactured according to API Spec 7-1 specifications at competitive rates. Made from top-grade alloy steel for peak performance and in accordance with the highest industry requirements, our new drill collars are engineered to transform your drilling operations with their rugged construction and unmatched reliability. 

Experience enhanced drilling efficiency and minimal downtime with our drill collars designed to offer maximum longevity and durability even in the most challenging drilling environments.

Used Drill Collars

Explore our extensive inventory of used drill collars in various sizes and specifications. Our drill collars are refurbished to meet or exceed the highest quality standards and offer guaranteed performance and durability. 

Rest assured, these drill collars undergo a series of inspection tests, serving as cost-effective solutions to your drilling needs without sacrificing quality and operational performance.

About us

Sophia Oilfield Supply Services has been among the leading suppliers of a comprehensive range of high-quality oilfield products, equipment, and services in North America for over 30 years. We are a one-stop solution for all your diverse drilling needs, committed to providing a full range of drilling products through collaboration with various manufacturers. 

Our steadfast commitment to the core values of honest and transparent communication, innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction are what set us apart from the rest while ensuring the growing success of our business. 

We strive to continuously improve by setting and exceeding the highest standards daily while offering customized solutions that exceed client expectations. By keeping our valued customers in the loop at each step of the project, we are able to build trust and establish long-lasting relationships with clients all over the world.

Not to forget, central to our success is the unwavering dedication of our skilled personnel to do the work they do. By prioritizing their safety and well-being on and off the job and ensuring their continuous learning and development, we are able to safeguard and enrich their lives while keeping abreast with the latest technologies and solutions in the ever-evolving drilling industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We manufacture drill collars available in a wide range of sizes and weights to accommodate your specific drilling application. Our inventory features drill collars in all the common outer diameters (OD), ranging from 3 ⅛ inches up to 11 inches. 

We have drill collars in 30 or 31 feet, which is the standard length, but we can also provide customized lengths to suit your unique drilling requirements. 

Drill collars are typically manufactured with API (American Petroleum Institute) connections to ensure compatibility with other drilling equipment. These mainly include NC (National Coarse) or FH (Full Hole) connections for enhanced torsional strength. 

We can also customize your drill collar with proprietary connections tailored to meet specific drilling requirements. 

Yes, the experienced team at SOSSUSA will be glad to assist you in choosing the right drill collar specifications to meet the demands of your drilling project. We will take into consideration factors like borehole stability, weight transfer requirements, drilling rig capabilities, and drilling environment to help you select the most suitable drill collar for the best results.

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