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Drill Pipe Float Valve Size Chart

A drill pipe float valve serves as a vital tool used on the oilfield during oil drilling as it ensures constant fluid control in the wellbore during the drilling operation. The specialized tool significantly contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of oil and gas drilling projects. 

Read on to learn more about a drill pipe float valve, including types and sizes. But first, let’s dig deeper into what purpose this crucial mechanism serves in drilling operations.

Size Chart

Float Valve SizeFloat Valve OD (inches)Float Valve Length (inches)Float Valve ID (inches)
Model F
Float Valve ID (inches)
Model G
1R1 21/325 7/81N/ A
1F 2R1 29/326-1/41 1/41
2F 3R2 13/326 1/21 9/161 1/4
3 F2 13/16101 7/81 5/8
3 ½ IF3 1/8101 7/81 5/8
4R3 15/328 5/1162 5/161 31/32
4F3 21/32122 1/22 3/16
5R3 7/89 3/42 3/42 1/4
5F-6R4 25/3211 3/43 1/42 7/8

What Drill Pipe Float Valve?

A drill pipe float valve, alternatively known as a non-return valve, refers to a downhole safety valve placed into the drill string

As a non return valve, its main function is to create a barrier and prevent unwanted drilling fluids, gas, oil, and mud from flowing up the drill string when making or breaking connections at the rig floor. It helps prevent blowouts and enables the smooth flow of fluid in the desired direction, preventing leaks that could harm the environment. 

Drill Pipe Float Valve Sizes 

Drill pipe float valves and repair kits come in various sizes to suit different drilling situations and equipment specifications

The plunger type float valve is available in sizes 1R, 1F-2R, 2F-3R, 3F, 3.5 IF, 4R, 4F, 5R, and 5F-6R. 

The flapper float valve comes in various sizes, including 1F-2R, 2F-3R, 3F, 3.5 IF, 4R, 4F, 5R, and 5F-6R. 

Choosing the right sixers float valve is at the core of safe and efficient drilling and mainly depends on factors like type of connection, drill pipe diameter, fluid flow rates, and pressures. 

Types of Drill Pipe Float Valve

Selecting the suitable drill pipe float valve that matches your specific drilling operation requirements and conditions is crucial. While there are various models of drill pipe float valves available, we can categorize them into two main types. These include:

Plunger Type Float Valve

A plunger type float valve is made from low alloy steel and provides immediate shutoff to restrict reverse flow by preventing fluid from flowing back up the drill string when circulation stops while enabling constant fluid flow. By not allowing drill cuttings to enter the drill string, it diminishes the chances of drill bit clogging. Plunger type float valves include model F, FA, and FC, and this type is the most economical and durable option for standard drilling operations. 

Flapper Type Float Valve

A flapper-type float valve features a specialized flapper with a quick opening and closing mechanism, most suitable for abrasive fluids. It enables the smooth flow of fluid downward through the valve without impediments while preventing bit plugging by keeping shavings out of the drill string as circulation stops. It includes model G, GA, and GC. 

About Sophia Oilfield Supply Services

SOSSUSA is your trusted premier distributor of drill pipe and related tools and equipment, offering products such as new and used drill pipe for sale.

We realize the importance of float valves in drilling wells. Our float valves are manufactured to stand the test of time, ensuring utmost durability while reducing non productive time.

Contact us today to receive a customized estimate for our drill pipe float valve and ensure maximum reliability and productivity during your drilling operations.

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